October 29, 2008

Labour wants to nationalise whole of .UK

Just as the train wreak that is the NHS super computer slowly shudders to a permanent stop the government is looking for some other IT project to play with. They are unlikely to be able to make a bigger failure than the NHS as far as new system is concerned, since it was the largest IT procurement (failure) ever, this time they are after a working system built be somebody else to wreak. What bigger IT disaster then than taking over the entire UK domain name registry? With so much reliant now on the internet the loss of this service would be a catastrophe, and so it's lure proves irresistible. They already have plans to log every action passing across the UK networks, censor every webpage, and for the identification of everybody wanting to by a mobile phone, so why not take over the top level DNS as well. Other than they will drive it into the ground like they do every other IT project it touches, of course.


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